Friday, August 3, 2012

How much does a home theater cost?

A custom home theater is an investment in your home and lifestyle. There is nothing quite like enjoying movie night in your own home as a cinematic experience; exciting, immersive and entertaining. I know many of you agree. We go to the movies to see the next big blockbuster, get wowed by the screen and actually FEEL the sound - not just hear it. So how much does it cost to bring the power and thrill of the theater into your home?

The price of a finished custom home theater varies greatly depending on the quality of the system you want as there are many factors that contribute to the cost. In addition to the equipment, there are costs associated with design, speaker placement, equipment location, wiring, installation, set-up, calibration and control. The main differences in pricing between the low and high end are quality, features and capabilities.  The cost of the equipment, speakers, cabling, control system, design, programming and installation determines the total cost of a custom home theater. If you bought a "home theater in a box" from Wal-Mart, Best Buy or eBay, you most likely do not want to spend thousands to have it installed and should not expect the same performance as someone who purchases a custom home theater package.

At the lower end, you are generally looking at installation of an HDTV, receiver, DVD or Blu-Ray player, streaming media player, universal remote control and surround sound speakers within a family room or living room.  At the higher end, you generally have the same type of equipment, though with greater performance, features and capabilities, but the equipment is part of a dedicated theater room, including a projector/screen combination instead of the HDTV, plus content management equipment, power conditioning, home theater furniture, lighting, automated shades, acoustical wall treatments and a sophisticated control system that controls not just the A/V equipment, but the entire viewing environment (and potentially the entire home).

Whether your budget is at the lower or higher end, a home theater that is custom designed and tailored for your desires and the space will result in the best viewing and listening experience. When planning a home theater, you must decide the type of capabilities, features, and performance you want out of the system, and a budget must also be determined for the project. If you want a home theater experience that sends chills down your spine, it’ll cost more than a system that provides good quality sound and viewing. If you want a system that is controlled by a single easy to use remote, it’ll cost more than a system containing multiple remotes. There are a lot of options. 

There are many exciting possibilities for a home theater! Let a licensed, trained, and certified A/V contractor/specialist assess your needs, environment and budget and help you decide what options are best for you. You should choose a contractor or specialist that is certified by an association such as CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) to ensure you will get a system designed based on knowledge and experience. 

CEDIA is the world's leading association of residential electronic systems professionals and provides the industry's most comprehensive education to its membership. Members who participate and excel in CEDIA's educational programs can undergo rigorous testing to earn CEDIA Certification credentials. Consumers can rest assured that CEDIA Certified Professionals are the most highly respected and experienced in the industry.

AV Automation is a certified member of CEDIA and is currently running a promo to help you get the best possible deal. Give them a call to get a free consultation and mention "Beat the Heat" to get 20% off installation with any new equipment purchase over $2,000! Want some home theater design ideas to get you started? Check out CEDIA's design ideas!

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